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The Significance of Israel
the End of Age started in 1948 with the formation of the State of Israel

It is extremely surprising and perplexing that the Church has not only lived in sinful ignorance in the past but has continued to dwell in utter insensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the Signs of the End of Age.  Evidently, the End of Age started in 1948 with the formation of the State of Israel, a key spiritual event that the Church has down-played and totally ignored and yet this sparked off the beginning of the greatest fulfilment in our time.  When The Lord JESUS was referring to the 'fig tree’, HE essentially meant the restoration of the nation of Israel and their subsequent gathering from the four corners of the earth where the Jews had been scattered in the diaspora (Luke 21).  The "fig tree’s" leaves would begin to sprout as sign that the summer would have drawn near, signalling that the Kingdom of GOD is around the corner.  The sequence of events relating to the RAPTURE and the Second Coming of The LORD will occur in the following order:  

i) The Restoration of the State of Israel; 

ii) The  Beginning of Birthpains;

iii) The RAPTURE of the Church;

iv) The First Half of Tribulation;

v) The Second Half of Tribulation;

vi) The Second Coming of The Lord;

vii) The Millennium Rule etc;

viii) Other events towards the new Heaven and the new earth."

Repentance and Holiness Magazine, Vol. 1, THE KING IS COMING!, Page 16-17

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